Crime and Criminal

Crime: Our crime was invented, Bonnie and Clyde were captured for intervening the Texas Platte City Bank(invented),This was a heist where they didn’t killed people only police officers because people liked to watch how they were intervening the bank, but the plan didn’t go how Bonnie planned(In this case bonnie was an Architect and knew that bank very well, and Clyde IS a mastergunner), Bonnie and Clyde with the gang try to escape in their van(invented too), but Bonnie and Clyde get Caught and henry try´s to escape but he gets caught too, bonnie and clyde get arrested and interrogated. Henry gets hanged that same morning. Then Bonnie and Clyde escape and the ring starts while the chasing, and Clyde receive the first bullet and crashes.
Criminals: Bonnie and Clyde
Clyde Barrow: is the master gunner and leader of the clan, its a murderer and THIEF, he was born in to a poor Telico, Texas. Clyde began a crime life at an early age. in 1930 he met Bonnie Parker,His Wife, Clyde with bonnie were Killed in a police ambush near Gibsland,Louisiana on May 23, 1934.
Bonnie Parker: Clyde Wife, She was born on october 1, 1910. Her father was a Bricklayer When he died in 1914, Bonnie`s mother named Emma Parker moved her along with her older brother Hubert and her little sister Billie , to a new community on West Dallas, Cement City.bonnie-and-clyde-with-gun


Dialogue detective and criminal

Bonnie and Clyde

Detective: Hello, I’m here to make you some questions, in another word a lot of questions, so if you are in a hurry I think you’re screwed.

Bonnie: Where are we?.

Clyde: Why are we here?.

Detective: I make the questions, okay, now were’s the money?

Bonnie: What money?

Detective: Don’t make me ask you twice. Were’s the money?

Bonnie: (Insists) What money?

Detective: (Give up) Where have you been last night?

Bonnie: To a friend’s house.

Detective: To a friend’s house? who’s house?

Clyde: Henrry’s

Detective: Henrry’s house (The detective Chek’s some files) here I have Henrry’s files. Murder, lived in Texas and his 45 year old victim Hamilton. Anyway is it him.

Bonnie and Clyde: Yes

Detective: Yes?, got him traked last week prity of a runner, until I shot his legs off.

Bonnie: Is he all right?

Detective: Yes he is ( Thinks) I mean no, I think is geting hanged like right now.

Bonnie: (Gets angry) What?

Clyde: (Stop’s Bonnie) Calm your self Bonnie.

(The detective irritates Bonnie, and Bonnie attacks the detective, but the detective throws Bonnie to the grown and gets unconscious)

Clyde: That was necessary?

Detective: Yes, it was (cleaning all the mess) lets proceed, why were you going to Henrry’s house?

Clyde: To a BBQ

( It was at this moment when Hamer started getting angry)

Detective: (Angry) What! to eat money, we investigate the whole house, and you know what we find?

Clyde: Meat?

Detective:No!!, tons of money hidden in the walls, and what a coincidence, the same amount of money stolen                    last week in Texas, Plakas City. What do you think about that, you think I’m stupid?

Clyde: Yes, you know why ditective, Bonnie now.

(Bonnie wakes up and grabs the detective so that he can’t scape)

Clyde: Let me tell you a story detective.

Detective: You will regret these Clyde.

( Clyde throws the desk to the detective)

Clyde: Look with the money in Texas that we stashed on Henrry’s house, we knew  were going to get interrogated, so we are going to scape from here know, and with the money me and (Pushes the desk again )      Bonnie we are going to Mexico to live our life, right Bonnie?

Bonnie: Yes.

(The detective scapes  and chases Bonnie and Clyde in awesome slow motion)

( You can hear sounds of the car chase and the gunfire) 


Vampire Diary

17th of May 1987

I was invited to a fancy and noble party , A butler was killed  because I needed a suit I was a clean kill, his blood was not tasty but I gained a free suit and I  needed it because I felt hungry.When I arrived to the party I saw three potencial targets that would help my thirst, the first one was a tall ordinary girl , after I saw a English girl , and a american girl.I chose the english girl …. it might seem ordinary but the real strange thing with this girl was when I bit here I couldn’t find her vain in the neck and the thing is that she was a vampire she surprised me and I figured out she was going to suck my blood. This was strange because last time I encountered a Vampire was 50 years ago …so we both were hungry so vagant people were killed but their blood was bad but it helped my thirst.So that happened to me at my last hunt.3fd92335a20779e5c3ce7f652fc621ee


Ares most known like the God of war he represents the violent aspect of war and his sister Athena who was the goddess of intelligence,military strategy and generalship.Zeus didn’t felt proud of Ares that was one of the reason of his destructive force.

His value as the God of war was in doubt when he was in the side of the Troyans during the troyan war, Ares was in the losing side , while his sister Athena was victorious with the Greeks.

He is also famous being the lover of Aphrodite when she was married to Hephaestus God of Craftsmanship, Also in Sparta Ares whas viewed as a masculine soldier.Human sacrifices were made in his honor to be victorious in battles.


My first Blog


I miss you here in chile, when we went to the cinema and when I did a t-shirt,when we walked and laughed and went to my house and played Fifa….yeah I miss that.School is amazingly boring with a lot of tests but its understandable,but tell me how its like in Africa?Here in chile its hotter, the president doesn’t do much and the chilean team is going to the the American Cup in Chile that’s a cool event, also the Lolapalooza was cool Festival. You should come to chile and meet in a cafe to teel me how it is in Africa and what with your family, send me a message when you come to Chile.

Greetings From Chile